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Total Waste Systems is a supplier of waste collection solutions such as plastic and steel containers, large volume boxes and depot containers. Total Waste Systems is the market leader in the supply of steel containers and has in the recent years specialized in the smart collection of waste which fits into a new sustainable future. For example by using fill level measurement or the self-compacting waste bins of the brand Bigbelly.

By installing fill level sensors in waste bins at more remote locations, a collection is only performed when these bins are really full. A number of municipalities in the Netherlands have already successfully applied this system together with TWS. Enevo's software can also predict filling behavior. With a large-scale use of the Enevo fill level sensors in, for example, above or underground containers, efficient collection routes can be planned fully automatically on the basis of the actual measurements in combination with the predictions and this all based on the capacity of the collection vehicles, the collection times and dumping locations. Bulging bins and additional waste next to the containers are a thing of the past and high efficiency and CO2 savings are achieved.

In addition to the Enevo software, there is the Bigbelly. A smart, closed waste bin solution with a unique self-compacting technique so that a collection can be postponed minim five times. The municipality of Utrecht where this exposition is held has been working with the Bigbelly's for 2 years now in the fight against litter. You will find the Bigbelly's in various places in the city center and at our stand. The Bigbelly's use IoT and each automatically submit their own filling level. Utrecht therefore no longer drives on fixed schedules, but on the basis of data. They know exactly when to empty which bin. Insights into trends increases the predictive power, enabling you to achieve even higher efficiency and CO2 savings. You can also use this data in the further development of your policy and tackling litter.

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