BUITENkast techniek

BUITENkast techniek is your specialist in the field of technical street furniture for the above or underground electricity, water and data facilities. From thinking along with the design to taking care of maintenance, we are involved throughout the entire process.

Assured of the best quality and service for a pre-agreed price. As a municipality, you have one point of contact for all knowledge and experience and all products under one roof. In this way we always find a solution that meets your needs, without costs afterwards.

Some customer experiences:

  • "Very satisfied with the method."
  • "PUTkast's cabinets came out on top."
  • "Collaboration went extremely well."
  • "It turns out to be a reliable party."
  • "PUTkast relieves me of my worries and I am very happy with that."
  • "I really appreciate their eye for detail."


Marco Ekelmans
Marco Ekelmans
E. marco@buitenkast.nl
T. 0757502214

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