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Fair 2021 Elspec

Elspec/Jobarco (part of CCG) -Public Infrastructure

Supplier and consultant for sustainable and innovative infrastructural solutions in public space. With systems from renowned suppliers such as Lacroix/Sogexi, Paradox, CU Phosco and Langmatz, Elspec/Jobarco has extensive options to provide smart quality solutions for your needs.

Public lighting
Thinking in solutions for safe and fast connection, dimming, regulation, monitoring and management of public lighting. The Elspec program includes standalone dimming systems to smart lighting platforms with sensor systems for cycle paths, city centers, business parks and bypasses. Keywords such as Shaga D4i, open standards such as Dali, IP6LoWPAN, Ethernet, WiFi for data exchange and control are no stranger to us.

Digitization: in order to be able to offer future-proof solutions for smart lighting, Elspec has entered into a distribution agreement with Paradox. As a progressive and leading manufacturer of Smart City solutions, Paradox is the ideal partner for us to help the municipality migrate to a smart city. This solution is fully based on open standards from both the Application and the Hardware side, which means that it can work with all manufacturers that conform to these standards.

Connection technology
The light pole connection set EK480 versus EK18, Langmatz focuses on developing the light pole connection in the pole. This connection of the Lichtmast is completely up to date for LED fixtures and other objects. IP54 with 1,2 or 3 fuses. As you are used to, we can always offer a standard solution from Langmatz or Lacroix, but we are also happy to work out customized solutions for you.

Traffic: Safe crossing for the visually impaired with the Crossguide Dynamic acoustic and tactile support of the highest quality!

Cabinet monitoring OVL Tegis: With this system you can Switch, Monitor and Monitor (Portal). Ask our specialists at the fair.

Configured Special Cables: As part of the CCG group we can offer a wide range of Specialty cables which can be supplied to length on request with or without specific connection materials.

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