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'Wild at Heart': native in the city
Design with native perennials

'Wild at Heart' is a natural planting scheme that compromises unique combinations of native plant varieties together with common perennials. The many variations in colour and natural structures optimise your experience of nature, all year round. The wild and native plants enhance biodiversity, creating a true paradise for insects, bees, butterflies and other animals. Be inspired and create your own 'Wild at Heart' garden!

'Wild at Heart' is a new way of using native plants!
- attractive planting scheme for use in every garden design
- long-lasting planting scheme requiring minimum maintenance
- a garden that creates a healthy and sustainable environment for people and animals
- a wonderful canvas offering a unique year-round experience, for ultimate enjoyment
- natural, wild and aesthetic: bring (urban) nature to your home!

Create it naturally with Lageschaar


Lageschaar Vaste Planten
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