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Vectorworks Landscape, the ultimate software for landscape design

This all-in-one program will transform your design, presentation, irrigation, and documentation workflows. Unlike other software, Vectorworks has the flexibility to support your entire project from beginning to end, or anywhere in the process — with tools created specifically for you as a landscape professional.

Wouldn't it be nice if your drawings, details, models, and schedules were all linked? With Vectorworks Landmark's BIM capabilities, they are. That means a change in one place is reflected everywhere. So, as changes occur, you can spend more time designing and less time manually updating drawings.

Make informed design decisions

The process of Building Information Modeling gives you the power to optimize your designs. Automatically generate schedules and reports. Calculate construction costs and material takeoffs. Analyze terrain for cut/fill, slope, and drainage. Evaluate water budgets and track sustainability goals, like LEED and SITES projects.

Work well with others

Easily collaborate and share files with anyone, anywhere. We offer the most default import/export capabilities available, as well as support for openBIM and IFC, and direct links with AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Photoshop and Illustrator.. And project sharing enables your entire team to work on the same Vectorworks file concurrently, so they can be more efficient on every project.


Bring your designs to life with Lumion or Enscape. A direct link with Vectorworks ensures that these rendering programs integrate seamlessly with your current workflow. The VR application within Enscape lets your clients experience designs as if they were already reality. Take it from us, making design decisions has never been easier.


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