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For a future-proof green policy of governments, the use of clean and responsible products made from residual flows is essential. There is a direct positive link between the use of green products and the impact on, for example, circularity, climate change and biodiversity. It is clear: the importance of using products that leave no damage in the green can hardly be overestimated. Natural Plastics International is your partner of choice when it comes to professional use of these products. With our biobased products you can take concrete steps towards a fully circular and biobased outdoor space. When introducing and using improved products and working methods and projects in your organization, providing support is a very important step. Natural Plastics is Founding Father of the successful Magnet method, a well thought-out 4 step plan to realize this in your organization. The Magnet Method (Green Deal C-199) has been carefully and balanced built, composed and tested. The success is determined by the integral approach (social and technical innovation), the coherence between the steps in combination with the process guidance. What we aspire to is to achieve a synergy effect with our customers, accelerating sustainability and increasing the impact of both our work. From biodegradable tree anchors, drainage and watering sheets, to biobased road furniture, biobased weed prevention and Circular soil©, Natural Plastics offers you a range of products that can also make a significant contribution to the transition to the circular economy in your outdoor space.


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Bert van Vuuren
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