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We developed an innovative approach to map the construction and composition of roads efficiently. With our vehicle carrying sensors, we focus on the to top 1.5 m of the construction, although a deeper investigation is possible.

To get there, we use 2 sensors:

GPR: An electromagnetic pulse is penetrated into the asphalt and is reflected by differences within the road construction. This reflected signal is use to map the construction.

Gamma Spectrometer: this sensor measures the low levels of natural occurring radiation from the road. This radiation gives direct information on the mineral composition of the asphalt used in the road construction. This system is commonly used in mineral exploration, but the application in road construction mapping is new.

We provide different types of information:

  • Asphalt thickness
  • Presence of road bed material
  • Thickness of road bed material
  • Homogeneous stretches within the road (base on composition of asphalt and thickness; used for defining a proper sampling scheme);
  • Presence of slags (remains of iron or zinc production)
  • Objects in the road
  • Fracture Mapping
  • Voids Beneath Concrete
  • Utility Detection

Important aspects of the measurement:

  • Mapping without traffic measures up to 120 km/hr
  • Used in small projects and network mapping;
  • Used for asset management;
  • Global mapping, providing a complete and detailed map;
  • Risks in road construction is reduced, no surprises during the works;
  • The combination of technologies gives al information on the construction and composition of the road;


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