Antea Group

Passion for public spaces
A large part of our everyday activities takes place in public spaces. These areas are central to our work and home lives, sports and leisure activities, family and friends, and much more. Public spaces are (generally speaking) carefully designed and executed. In some instances, emphasis is placed on functionality, in others attractive design is considered more important. Whichever is the case in any given situation, our drive is to create outstanding environments for people everywhere.

Antea Group
International engineering and environmental consulting firm Antea Group effectively solves client challenges by combining strategic thinking and multidisciplinary perspecti ves with technical expertise and pragmatic actions. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions which improve our clients' future.

Managing assets; a challenge for local government
Maintenance of most assets in the public space is allocated to local governments. They are responsible for looking aft er roads, squares, sewers, greenery, playgrounds and so on. For an average municipality in the Netherlands this amounts to a total of 3 to 4 billion euros.

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