Are you looking for a top layer on concrete or asphalt? Or maybe you are looking for a solution for a wearing surface on a (wooden) bridge? Our epoxy-based wear surface layers offer a wide range of options. The two-component top layer, which we have developed ourselves, can be applied in any desired color and sprinkled with natural stone in the color of your choice.

We have now been applying these epoxy top layers for almost 35 years and very successfully because with this we have been able to prove that our top layers have a lifespan of more than 20 years.

Looking for a sustainable solution? We also have a bio-based epoxy variant that we can sprinkle with a circular glass aggregate. In any color you wish.


Erik de Leeuw
Erik de Leeuw
E. verkoop@possehl.nl
T. 06 - 53 17 42 88

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