The first truly Dutch, circular, green open pavement is here!

In 2022 you can have your parking lot, parking spaces, roadside pavement and more contribute to a healthy, pleasant and safe climate. We developed and supply the plastic TAWWA grids that, together with sophisticated substrates, fit into a circular economy and are no less pollutional, but very sustainable. And literally green, for the grass that grows in it as well as the color of the grid itself.

That is also why we like to work together and proudly propagate our partnerships and we also like to tell you about great projects of companies we work with. We stand for concepts that enable people to let nature work for them without sacrificing comfort. Our focus is on outdoor space, natural and practical. We often work with architects for municipalities, companies, organizations and developers. Of course we are also available for private individuals, because we also like to work on beautiful smaller and personal projects!


Alain Schievink
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