Littering in places that had just been swept clean. Road surfaces that get damaged and pose a threat to both inhabitants and traffic. People that start using the public space differently and so start making different demands.

The challenges are significant. That is why Camenai gives you control of the public space, through foresightful management. This way, you can detect problems before they get out of hand and use resources more efficiently. So you are always prepared and able to seize opportunities when they present themselves.

The Public Space Dashboard provides insight and overview. By detecting deviations from a predetemined baseline and displaying these on maps and images. So, you are able to put your (limited) means to use more efficiently and at the right time. In the process, you remain in charge and decide what you do and do not want to see.

We currently already offer the modules Litter Detection, Waterway Monitoring, and Drain Water Monitoring. There are several modules currently being developed. If you have particular wishes or challenges, we are happy to develop a new module together.

With Camenai, you gain control, while working more intelligently and (cost-)efficiently. You meet legal targets and provide inhabitants with a liveable, safe, and sustainable public space. This way, we ensure that you are always in charge of the public space.


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