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'Clean in 1 day', together with Rijkswaterstaat, helps municipalities with the challenge of making a city or municipality completely litter-free in 1 day.

Tiel and Hilversum kicked off in 2021: a great success with a lot of media attention. A large-scale event at multiple locations with a broad participation of schools, volunteers and companies, reaching more than half of the inhabitants directly or indirectly.

The Rubbiz app plays an important role during 'Clean in 1 day'. If participants take a photo of the collected waste and upload it in the app, they will receive € 0.11 per photo. The amount collected will go to a charity that participants can choose themselves in the Rubbiz app. This can be a local organization, but also, for example, the Plastic Soup Foundation.

The major cleaning of the public space does not only result in a clean municipality. We focus our attention on the underlying cause: carelessly throwing or leaving waste on the floor. Conversations at home and with acquaintances create an oil slick effect and the action day can have a lasting effect. Due to the large-scale visibility, on the street and in the media, the action has a long-lasting behavioral effect on the participants and on everyone who sees them in action.


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