Bio Based Supply

Biobased Supply develops and supplies solutions for sustainable chains from waste streams to sustainable products. Under-utilized waste streams are used to produce products which are in turn used by the same party in its own business operations.

Residual flows:

Organic residual flows such as roadside clippings, sieved material from water purification or agricultural residual flows or polluted plastic flows (artificial grass, waste streams) can be processed.


Biobased Supply has a production machine that is able to convert residual flows (organic fibers and waste plastic) into composite profiles. These profiles form the basis for sustainable applications such as reflector boards, picnic benches or fauna grids.


The chain starts from waste streams, but the material can be fully recycled again after end-of-life elongating the circle indefinitely.


By using residual flows, the use of primary (fossil) raw materials is avoided and waste flows are processed in a high-quality manner.

By using (organic) residual flows, the material has a low CO2 footprint (CO2 is even captured).

To set up circular chains or sustainable applications for outdoor spaces, visit booth of Biobased Supply.


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