The application of greenery in public space has grown far beyond esthetic purposes. Increasing air quality, managing temperature, creating irrigation, keeping soil healthy: a lot can be achieved by putting the right resources in the right places. Greenery is also no longer restricted to just parks and roadsides, but can also be found on walls, bridges, traffic installations and rooftops.

Themes such as climate change adaptation have, quite literally, made 'green' one of the most vital topics when discussing public space. On the exhibition floor you'll find this theme in many forms, including actual greenery (trees, plants, wildflowers and shrubbery) but also tools for maintenance, seeds, tree and plant nurseries, pest and weed control, consultancies and more.

Green is one of eight exhibitor categories. Other categories include: Sports Play & Recreation, Lighting, Street Furniture, Pavement, Landscape Architecture & Design, Construction & Infrastructure and Advice & Management.