Street Furniture

Benches, bins, planters, tables, (decorative) barriers, fences and more: 'street furniture' is the collective term for objects and products that fulfill various functions within public spaces. In the past, these functions have been relatively straightforward: accommodating users with a comfortable, clean and safe environment, as well as adding visual identity and style to any area.

In recent years, technological advancement has introduced surprising and increasingly convenient changes to what used to be unremarkable objects. Now, benches can be used to charge phones and create social interaction and waste bins can tell us at what time they should be emptied.

Excited to see what this could mean for your future commercial projects? At the Expo for Public Space, all newest products and technologies are gathered for your convenience.

Street Furniture is one of eight exhibitor categories. Other categories include: Sports Play & Recreation, Lighting, Green, Pavement, Landscape Architecture & Design, Construction & Infrastructure and Advice & Management.